Make An Impact!

Working in a fast-paced industry with high-level competition can be exhausting. Your marketing messages can easily get lost in Social Media, Search Engine and Press Release noise and your marketing efforts can turn into waste of money and time.

We can help you stand out from your competitors and deliver your message with the tone that is hard to ignore and a format that is easy to share and distribute. These are some of the tools we utilize to help your company connect with your audience.

Let’s Talk

We decide on the format that best fits your project, generic i.e. Spokesperson vs. Interviewer, virtual background vs. onsite, your office vs. our studio, etc…


Our copywriters carefully craft the script designed to move your audience in the right direction. We make sure that we connect with your viewers in a way that results in phone-calls, sovaldi clicks, sign-ups or sales.

Video Production

We determine the best location, order setting and talent to deliver a quality product that is above your industry standards. The project is not considered complete until you compare it to your competitors and feel good about it.

Marketing Campaign

Whether you want your video on the first page of Google or in an email autoresponder, cialis we have the tools, see knowledge and expertise to make that happen. For more information about our marketing programs visit

Examples Of Our Corporate Videos And Commercials
Spokesperson / Virtual Office

Ideal for companies and projects that need to deliver content rather than just a marketing message.

Budget: high, Timeframe: two weeks

TV Commercial

Great solution for “interruption based” marketing campaign, with an exciting delivery and a message relevant to the audience.

Budget: high, Timeframe: two weeks

Web Video

Quickest way to separate yourself from competition, build trust with your visitors and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Budget: medium, Timeframe: one week

Top Three Most Beneficial Ways To Use Videos

It is possible that you need more leads for your business. It is possible that you have enough leads but need help converting them to sales. It is possible that you need selling at a higher price. Or maybe you just want a video that will help you with branding and positioning yourself in the market. Maybe you just need more credibility.

These the top three ways our clients use their videos. For a full list of benefits and ways to use a video to grow your business, get in touch with us.

Let’s Talk
First Page Of Google
Rank On Google

Generate leads for your business 24/7, on autopilot. Highest quality leads online.

Lead Generation: 100 – 5000 per month

Sell With Video
Sell Products

Demonstrate, promote and sell your products and services Fully automated.

Sales Increase: 250% in some cases

Email Autoresponder
Weekly Emails

Stay in touch with your audience by sending them video offers in automated weekly emails.

Conversion increase: 40% in some cases

It’s Time To Stand Out

Create the video your competitors will envy you for! Get more clients, leads and sales.